The goal of the website is to have people be able to upload business plans and track the statistics. The project is based on CodeIgniter. The landing page is a map of the United States, but when someone submits a business plan from a specific region, that state becomes a darker shade of blue, and also the number of business plans shown as submitted from that state moves up, as well as the overall total of business plans submitted. It is based on the new technologies such as HTML5 tag SVG. To make it cross-browser compatible (including IE6) we used Raphael JavaScript library. In the back-end the stats of all sent data is tracked and it is also possible to change the map values for every state from there. On the Contact Form we implemented Google ReCaptcha as well as PHP and JavaScript validation. When submit a new business plan, the email message containing the necessary data is sent. The project is built using the most optimal structure to make it possible to extend the functionality easily in future.

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