Link http://iopsociety.org/
We built this website from scratch. It's a community website with content generated by its users. The site has four geographical levels from international, country, region and city. At each level there are many chapters (groups) of the organisation. Each chapter has an administrator and a menu with sub-pages. The menu items are the same for each chapter, but the content displayed is the content relevant for that chapter. Here is a list of the functionality and features we developed in terms of this project: 1.Community 1.1 Sign-up Form functionality 1.2 User Profile page and functionality 1.3 Communication with the other user 1.4 Possibility to choose languages
2. Level Selector Menu 2.1 Nested Levels structure The site is structured in a 4 Level hierarchy based on geographical location. -International -Countries -Regions -Cities 2.2 Level Selector Menu 2.3 Each Chapter has their own page 2.4 Bottom Up Flow of Content 3. Chapter Sub-Pages structure 3.1 Home page contains a basic information about this chapter 3.2 Sidebar with the widgets and information 3.3 Blogs 3.4 Members zone 3.5 Forum 3.6 Events 3.7 Possibility to post projects 3.8 Resources 3.9 Voting

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