According to provided layered PSD html page was coded for the website which should provide services of conference communication. The page was prepared for further implementation into Wordpress theme. System of quick user navigation was prepared. Nav menu is moved to the footer so the user could review content of the website before going to the rest of the pages. A table which describes advantages of different benefits of services was created. As while creating a page any excesses were used this allows content to load quickly, page is compatible with all the modern browsers and operating systems. Also a user obtains a quick access to content without waiting till anything load. Big font and dividing of the content into blocks provides a possibility of quick navigation around the page. The following features are implemented to the website: 1. Pixel perfect layout coding. 2. Different cross browser buttons with shadows are used at the page. 3. Gotham Book, Archer Pro Book, Archer Pro Medium Ita, Archer Pro Medium are used. 4. Pure CSS, without prefix vendors is used 5. Content of the website is centered and could be stretched to the whole width of the window. 6. Social buttons are added to the footer. 7. User-friendly interface. 8. Quick user registration in three clicks. 9. Completely valid CSS. Technologies used: 1. xHTML 1.1. 2. CSS 2.1, CSS 3.0. 3. Adobe Photoshop CS5.  

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