Link http://www.universal-space.com/
As the first stage of the project we've created graphic design according to the client's requirements. The project was WordPress-based and therefore it was necessary to crate graphic design taking into account this matter. Initially the work at the theme was done on the test web hosting and after this it should have been migrated to the main client's hosting. The second stage of the project was layout coding based on PSD layered file that our graphic designer provided to HTML/CSS coder. Based on the template that we had in the result of HTML/CSS coder's work we've developed WordPress theme: - Custom slider was developed especially to use at this websit; - Standard admin panel of WordPress was adjusted according to client's needs; - A number of adjustable custom contact forms were created for the website; - Standard functionality of adding posts to the website was considerably extended as the client needed to have more flexible managing of the website; - Necessary content was added and a number of tests performed; - After all necessary tests were done we have migrated the website to the main hosting of the client and some optimization work was done.