This project was completed for website which provides rent-a-car services. We were provided with website template which was then fully customized and changed. The main goal of customization of the website is convenience and navigation simplicity as well as adjustment of a pleasant color scheme at the website. The following changes were done to the theme:
  1. A logo was created by our graphic designer and implemented to the website.
  2. A banner was created and implemented to the home page of the website.
  3. At the homepage there were developed and implemented three blocks that contains certain content. These blocks also have shadows.
  4. Color scheme of the whole website is changed.
  5. Contact forms are implemented to the homepage and at the contacts page.
  6. Google map is implemented at the home page and at the contacts page.
  7. At the «rates/cars» page content is divided into three blocks and is stylized.
  8. Content of the ‘Contact’ page, i.e. a contact form, address and google map are divided into three blocks.
  9. At the whole area of the website's page there are shadows used.
  10. Contacts are added to the header.

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