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Increasingly and more clearly, there is a need to plan and take into account all the processes taking place in the virtual space, and the only guaranteed effective means for this is web analytics.

In order for you to optimize your platform, first of all, you need to understand:

  • how users learned about your platform, from which sources;
  • how they received information about the products you are representing or about the service;
  • what interested them;
  • what they want to discover from you;
  • how they would be comfortable making a purchase of goods or services;
  • that if you want to make the sales level higher, you need to collect information about that;
  • what has influenced the fact that they decided to leave your platform,
  • why other platforms seemed to them more attractive.

If in the sphere of Internet marketing some decisions are made, then usually it is based on the extremely accurate knowledge of how users behave. In addition, the knowledge of how new users can be attracted to the platform. If you do not have all this information, then it will not bring any income, and the content and advertising campaigns will not entice customers. Therefore, it is very important to have analytical skills.

Nowadays one of the most popular systems that are used to monitor customers is Google Analytics. What a marketer can learn from Google Analytics:

  • How the platform’s visitors learned about it?
  • Where are the users from?
  • What is their gender?
  • What is their age?
  • What are the interests of the users of the platform?
  • What devices do they use in their work?
  • What pages users were browsing?
  • How many pages were browsed by users?
  • What time did the users spend on the platform?
  • Whether users were registered on the platform.
  • Whether the users made the purchase on the platform.

The main factor in the effectiveness of web analytics is precisely the choice of key metrics for the platform. They depend on the specifics of your business – what you do, how you make sales, what the structure of your platform is, etc.

Therefore, the basic skills of web analytics are the knowledge of processes, terminology, key performance indicators. Moreover, the skills to configure Google Analytics properly, understand the code, its ability to interpret the platform statistics that are provided by Google Analytics and all sorts of other systems. You also need to know Excel, as well as understand the specifics of all traffic channels.

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