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  1. Am not sure about this

    • Hi Mitsy,

      Unfortunately, your problem is unclear.


  2. I think I would be able to use this if you would have a couple of changes coming in a future version:
    1. On my site (3.9.1, Twentyfourteen) it’s not appropriate to have the Tweet button on my static pages like Contact and Copyright Notice, so my suggestion is to allow the button to apply to Posts and not Static pages.
    2. I never got a Follow Me button to show up anywhere, so this would also be useful, probably in the header area.

    • Hi John,

      1) This functionality is provided in the pro version of the plugin – http://bestwebsoft.com/plugin/twitter-pro/
      2) To display the Follow Me button – Paste the shortcode [follow_me] into the necessary page or post.
      If you would like to use this button in some other place, please paste this line into the template source code < ?php if ( function_exists( 'twttrpr_follow_me' ) ) echo twttrpr_follow_me(); ?>


  3. Hello,
    Your plugin comes with the twitter icon, which is the little t that allows you to share posts via twiter. I qould like to keep this icon, but it shows at the bottom of my Contact Me page, and I would like to know if there is a way to remove it while still keeping the twitter icon on other pages.

  4. That music is really distracting and annoying. Put in either upbeat music or do without. Next time I’ll remember to turn off sound sooner.

    • Hi Karen,

      Could you please specify what music you are talking about?