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Let’s imagine you have started your own business already and you have succeeded to purchase your products or services to some extent. You are quite satisfied with the first positive results, but you want more, i.e. you would like to have more customers and a greater revenue finally. The only reasonable solution for the implementation of such a plan is to make the website, which could offer all available services or products of your business for the customer’s choice online.

After you’ve worked out the approximate budget you can’t but face the dilemma of a platform choice for the development of your idea. This means that you’ll have to get the basic information about all the possible platforms and choose the one, which could cover all the needs of your customers and you, as the site’s owner. Your search will certainly land at such famous IT brand names as NETHOUSE, MAGENTO, WORDPRESS, and many others. This choice can be evaluated as a decisive step, determining the success of your internet business further on. 

You can spend hundreds of hours for the study of all the possible advantages and disadvantages of the platforms but after all that study your choice will most likely fall on WordPress and this will have enough reasons. We’d like to dwell on the main 6 of them.

 1. WordPress is an Open-Source Platform

The first great advantage of WordPress is the fact that the core platform is solely free. You don’t need to pay anything if you install it on your server. After rather a long period you’ll have to pay a fee, which is quite medium. By choosing the tools for your future site you’ll find quite a wide set of those ones, which can be installed free of charge. Despite being a modern means of website development, the platform is regularly updated, so that most of the new features do not conflict with it but work properly. The platform enables us to use photo and video files of the most wide-spread formats and this makes it rather flexible.

 2. WordPress is Simple for Beginners

wordpress-is simple-for beginners

The work on the development of the platform has considered all the possible usability needs and the result of this work revealed itself in the interface (or the dashboard) of the platform, which can be understandable even for a beginner, regardless of his/her intentions. Writing content, customizing settings or installing themes is equally simple. Even if you have no special knowledge in coding, you’ll find enough means within the platform, enabling the creation of a full-fledged website. But don’t let your first impression carry you away. Being rather simple in use, WordPress is enormously powerful and possesses enough capacity for real professionals of programming. The implementations of advanced level will definitely require a lot of specific knowledge, like knowledge of the main software languages.

3. WordPress Has a Great Choice of Themes and Plugins

wordpress-has-a-great-choice-of- themes-and-plugins

Whether you develop an online shop or just a news portal, sooner or later you’ll come to an idea, that your site needs some upgrading. Such an upgrade may often presume the integration of a feature, extending the possibilities of payment, the choice of the interface language, customization of the site to this or that file format. As a rule, the additional features of such a kind can be enabled due to the integration of special plugins. WordPress possesses a great variety of the latter ones of any specificity both fee-based and free. Moreover, this entire stuff is being constantly updated and extended.


Speaking about the elaboration of your website’s future design, it would be justified to assert that alternatively to other platforms, WordPress provides an incomparably wider choice, which can finally be limited only by your fantasy. If you have never dealt with theme selection, it does not make any problem. Multipurpose themes are designated extra for such cases. They are developed with an idea to suit any type of brand, company, organization or cause. Certainly, a couple of multipurpose websites may look quite different, but all of them are completely responsive, possess features for promoting products and services, the ability to make a good-looking portfolio, social media integration, support of eCommerce and many others. You can choose any such theme in our store: Theme Store by BestWebSoft.


The choice of plugins has something in common with the choice of themes. The range of the first ones, presently provided by WordPress covers all the possible needs, regardless of the site’s type. The only thing that an unexperienced developer should remember is to avoid the duplication of plugins’ functionality. This means that if you want to add an online booking on your site, it would be quite enough to install the only one plugin for that. If you want to add a feature of car rental, take this for example Rent-a-car plugin by BestWebSoft and don’t add another. In case you’d like to create pages through any page builder, choose only one (like WP-bakery for instance) again avoiding the others. If the functionality of the installed plugins duplicates, the probability of conflict between them increases considerably and this, in turn, can break the site. So, be careful with such installations!

4. WordPress Is Secure and Safety


One of the most significant merits of WordPress is its security. Irrespective of the site’s type, WordPress presumes a secure data storage. Moreover, security updates are made regularly and consider the latest tricks of the hackers. If you still have any doubts, concerning the safety of your site, you can download one of the top security plugins to make the protection stronger here: Security plugins by BestWebSoft

According to the statistics, most of the sites’ breaches can be evaluated as those, which were done due to the negligence of the owner. That’s why, taking care of additional protection won’t bring you any harm — on the contrary, it will let you sleep peacefully.

5. WordPress Is Adapted for Search Engines


To regret of the beginners, the completion of the site’s development does not mean that the number of your customers will be multiplied by two every week. The customers will never be able to find your online shop or a consulting service without necessary work on search engine optimization or SEO in short. Such work can take several months in some cases. To help your site be displayed on the first positions of search results, SEO specialists may spend up to a year because of the constant changes in the world web.

So, in comparison to other platforms, WordPress possesses a well-optimized system for search engines. Some websites have a different performance speed if to compare their desktop and mobile versions. This problem was considered by the developers of WordPress. Moreover, among the whole variety of plugins, you can find those ones, which are designated specifically for SEO. If you are not experienced in this field, you can always find hundreds of guides, revealing you the mechanism of this process.

6. WordPress Has a Professional Support-Team


Irrespective of the work stage and competence of the developer one could hardly find a case of website development when the usage of advice from a support team was avoided. The necessity to get a competent piece of advice rises essentially in those cases when the developer deals with the chosen platform for the first time. Anyhow, in any events WordPress has a large team, which is always ready to help you with your problem or difficulty. Here are some examples, which can forward you to the appropriate page for such cases.  

If you visit such forums, you may find that your question has already been discussed or you’ll find an opponent there with the answer, you need urgently.


WordPress is an open-source CMS that is secure, multifold and as modern as possible. The enormously wide choice of themes and plugins provides such a great variety of possibilities that there hardly stays a function niche, which you cannot fill using the tools of the platform. 

If your choice turns to WordPress, it is never a mistake, you can be sure!


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