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Best WordPress Themes for Essay Writers

Imagine the possibilities of any WordPress theme! Your imagination isn’t beyond the realm of possibility. It is able to be developed and used to create any topic you’d like to explore, which includes your writing site. If you’re an author and are looking for an author’s site, the text-based WordPress theme is a great fit to create your website.

There’s no reason to justify making a bad web page. If you’re just launching your first platform for writing as an author or a professional blogger trying to build an individual website, your website must convey professionalism.

So, the WordPress theme you select for your website must be authentic and appealing. It should convey your desired message to your site’s visitors and welcome them to your brand-new world.

As an essayist is your profession, you’ve probably discovered great essay topics on top essay sites whenever you visit to purchase essays or to sell them. Today, you can select the ideal theme for your website from the themes we have gathered to help you choose below.

Lovecraft WordPress Theme

As sophisticated as it is, this platform automatically improves the quality of any blog so that it is pleasing to the eyes. Thanks to the Playfair display that is backed by Google, you can be sure of not only the quality of its display but also its authenticity. An appealing display interface is a great option for people using smartphones to access your website.

You can alter the post’s theme and layout and post format, which allows you to choose more appealing themes for your readers repeatedly. Your visitors can enjoy the uniqueness and style by selecting a variety of formats for your blog posts to delight them.

The theme provides access to 17 widgets as default which you are able to later replace with hundreds of widgets in the reservoir of plugins. You can also add your logo and change the header of the homepage with the image that you like.

Hooray-Blog WordPress Theme

If you’re in search of an innovative, sleek and modern WordPress blogging system that is easy to use, then you need not be any further than the Hooray-Blog. It boasts an amazing combination of features that are new, including the ability to design custom categories for your blog using various background and icon designs.

The Hooray-Blog theme will impress your customers and gives them the impression that they are working with the creator of the website who knows what they’re doing and is confident and believes in their work.

Its most recent version is simpler to use and comes with many choices, and is extremely responsive. It’s not necessary to know anything about programming to use this theme efficiently.

ChapterOne WordPress Theme

The writers and authors alike like ChapterOne as a WordPress theme due to its exceptional imaginative nature. If you take a look, you’ll be able to see how it stands out from other themes as it’s quite eclectic and distinctive. Its distinctive nature makes it the perfect WordPress theme for authors and writers who want to stand out.

If you have audiobooks or audio files on your website, you can offer them to your readers via one of the pages. It stands out among the other WordPress themes thanks to its stunning and straightforward interface. It’s a gorgeous way to showcase your writing talents and your writing skills to everyone else.

The Issue Versatile Magazine WordPress Theme

The Issue is the most popular and highest-rated WordPress theme by ThemeForest, with 5-star reviews from March 2019. The Issue boasts of having one of the most rapid customer support response times. It’s easy and perfect for authors and writers who want simple yet fashionable WordPress themes. Its vintage design might not be appealing to everyone, but it isn’t a reason to be put off.

It is constantly updated to allow you the flexibility you want to tailor it according to your personal taste and style. The wide variety of layouts, including widgets that integrate social media, allows you to modify the theme.

There’s no limit on variations in layouts and features within the issue unless you plan to explore the 8000 possibilities of layouts and options that it offers. In addition to the numerous features that stand out are optimized image loading for speedier page loading speeds, custom advertising slots, and WooCommerce integration.

The Author WordPress Theme

By just reading the name, Author, you have the confidence that you’re selecting a fitting WordPress theme that is appropriate for writers. The minimalist design won’t make visitors turn away, nor do they get annoyed.

It’s easy to set it up since you just need to mouse-click for installation, saving lots of time. It comes with three different homepage layouts you can modify with The Visual Composer.

If you’re an author, you’ve come to the right place to be. Revolution Slider is a theme that can be easily integrated with WooCommerce so that you can make selling your ebooks with ease. In addition, you can come up with stunning slideshows that showcase your most impressive writing with the help of Revolution Slider.

RibTun WordPress Theme

A modern and contemporary blog that has many options for customization is the best explanation of what the RibTun WordPress theme offers. Since it is focused on writing, there is no need to incorporate images to complete the presentation. If you do decide to upload photos, then you can utilize this Popular Revolution Slider plugin to display your images along with other stunning designs.

Since it’s an e-text WordPress theme, it’s the perfect choice for bloggers who wish to write easily and effortlessly without the hassle of searching for images. The elegant typography makes sure that its style is distinct from other themes.

When you’ve got the most suitable WordPress website theme to use for the platform you write on, what comes after that is a sequence of tweaks and adjustments to make an amazing website. If you already have the design you’re thinking of, you will have fewer or no worries because you’ll be reworking the ideas you have in your mind in the newly purchased WordPress theme.

Now you know the elements which will cause you to choose a distinct WordPress theme from one that others have picked. If, for instance, you’re both a writer as well as a book editor, you can’t use a that is designed for non-authors. It is, therefore, essential to be aware of the direction you wish to achieve.

About the Author Joe Eckel

About the Author: Joe Eckel

With more than 25 years of helping students through their dissertations and theses with great care, Joe Eckel is currently sharing his experience through this website. As a dedicated researcher and teacher, Joe Eckel makes sure every student receives valuable insights about writing academic essays that are A-grade. 

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