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Traditions are very important to our team. Hard work and attention to detail are the main things that bound us. But not only that is significant – determinate days are.  Every year brings us the days we are waiting for so long.

As the fall season is gone, the leaves have fallen from the trees – either do the prices.

The main event of the autumn-gone season for us is an opportunity to please you with the best offers and we are going to do so. And we do!

The Monday after Thanksgiving is a beloved day of many people all around the world, because of the grand sales and wide range of opportunities that digital world sales give to them. 

BestWebSoft`s team is glad to inform you that this year brings you 50% off for all the Membership licenses and what is more 30% off for the Lifetime licenses.

Buy one of our Membership packs and get all premium products, updates, and new releases or get the Lifetime license to get lifetime access to all updates, and new releases of needed plugins!

The offer starts from this very day and will be lasting for 10 days! This is an excellent proposal for you to do the best for your magnificent website and give the clients the things they deserve. 

Use the following coupon: CM2020BG-MB before December 11 to save big from the Membership pack purchase.

For the amazing deal with the Lifetime Licenses use the following coupon: CM2020BG-LT

Let us improve your website with our products! 

Best Wishes,

BestWebSoft`s Team

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