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Choosing your domain name is very important so don’t just combine a couple of random words. Make your decisions wisely. Because a strong domain name can have a lot of benefits to it. If you have a small business it will add credibility. Yes, there are Web hosting sites but people will trust your company more if you will have your own domain. And more than anything else it will help to increase awareness of your brand and build your reputation. This is true especially if your domain is matching your brand name.

These are some tips on how to make the best domain for you :

  1. Make it unique
  2. Choose an SEO-friendly domain
  3. The easier the better
  4. Things to avoid
  5. Let’s talk about trademark 
  6. Use domain generators after giving up 

1. Make it Unique

Since domain plays a critical part in your marketing, make it the way that people will remember. If you have a couple of options in mind then try to google them first to see that they are not taken. And never forget to compare your options with what others have. This way you will not end up with a similar name which is not the best-case scenario. It should sound interesting, descriptive. Don’t just take someone’s idea and change one letter this will send all your traffic to the wrong site.

2. Choose an SEO-Friendly Domain

So there are a couple of options that you have, you can use keywords in your domain or you can use your company’s name(or your own name). The first option basically contains keywords about your business, products, etc. By using keywords it will give your site a higher rank in Google and help your website’s SEO. But you should know that it will be hard to use keywords in a way that they haven’t been used before. You will have to creatively combine them in an unusual way. 

But before choosing any words make sure that they flow well together, don’t overdo keyword inclusion or your domain name will be too long and confusing.

Another thing that you can do, is to use the name of your brand for your domain name. It is not the best idea if your brand`s name is very basic.

But you should do it if: 

  • Your brand name is already established
  • You started brand promotion
  • Your brand is your name
  • Your brand name is very unique
  • You want your website to rank well in search results for your brand name

Now let’s talk about extensions. These play a somewhat big part in your site’s popularity. There are a lot of them: .blog, .edu, .net and the most popular one is of course .com. We recommend you to use the last one since it is the most established and credible one. 

3. The Easier the Better

No one can remember those long domain names if you look at top companies. Most of them have one catchy word because they know that people will remember it. We recommend using 15 characters or less. But don’t try to make your domain name shorter by cutting half of the word it will confuse people even more. It should be easy for you to share your domain name while speaking or writing, so choose words that can be spelled and pronounced easily. People will make fewer mistakes while entering a domain name and lending on the wrong page.  

Previously we talked about being unique but if the name is too complicated and unique it won’t help. Yes, it is hard to make something unique and easy but you should try.  

4. Things to Avoid

There are a lot of things to mess up while creating something that will represent your company. So these are a couple of things that you should avoid. 

The thing that seems logical but a lot of people forget is not to make a domain that sounds like someone else’s. Don’t just take someone else’s idea and change one letter, this will make people confused and they won’t be able to find your website easily. 

Other things to remember while coming up with something good is not to use hyphens, double letters and numbers. Let me explain. The reason why you shouldn’t use hyphens is that it is a sign of spam domains and you don’t want to associate with those. 

Double letters may be hard to avoid but you should try to. The reason is that they can lead to typos and your traffic will decrease. 

Let’s talk about numbers in your domain name. Just don’t use them since while people will share your domain name no one will know how to write them, as a word or as a numeric.

So you came up with a brilliant idea and decided that it can’t get better than this. Decided to register it only to find out that it is already taken. To prevent this situation don`t forget to do it in the earlier stages of domain development. 

Picking a domain name that is not a .com in most of the cases is a big waste. People are used to .com it will be the first domain extension they will think about. 

5. Let’s Talk About Trademark 

No one wants to be confused with some other company. So don’t forget to do a trademark search to see if there is already a site with a similar or same name. This is an issue not only in terms of traffic loss but also can lead to a lawsuit. And no one wants that. You can also register your business domain name as a trademark by yourself.

It is done to not let any company copy your products, idea and if you come up with the perfect name that way no one will be able to steal it.

6. Use Domain Generators After Giving Up

So you tried everything but didn’t even come close to making something. Not to worry we left you a couple of domain generators. They will help you to make something that suits your company. You can choose the name by keywords or purchasing the one that already exists.

If you decided to buy an already existing one then be sure to get to know the history of this domain to make sure that it wasn’t involved in any funny business. If it wasn’t it actually can boost up your traffic if you are starting from scratch. 

The most prominent domain generators include:

After you created your domain name you can always see how well your site is doing with the Analytics plugin by BestWebSoft. This way you can see how many people were on your site and how long were they there. What got them all interested.  


We hope after reading this article you will come up with some great domain names because it plays an important role in the success of the website. It can make or break your website’s popularity, so be sure to create a good one. If you created a good name and it is already taken, look if it is active, if not then you can find out who owns it and when will it expire. If a date is close then you can wait until it will become available. But if it is not your option then just try to change it. Follow all the steps that were written earlier to not end up with forgettable, long, hard to pronounce domain name. Make good decisions and it will boost up your traffic and image. 

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