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Use your WordPress blog as a resume

All of us know an old statement: “It’s all about who you know.” It explains why the boss’s nephew was hired or why the CEO’s tennis partner was suddenly promoted. Most people consider their professional and personal connections as the most effective means of finding a job.

Our networking can play a big role when we are trying to make a career, improve our current situation at work or get a promotion. But what does networking mean? It’s just the web of connections you have with the people you know, the people they know and so on.

It’s not easy to create and maintain relationships with other people. But never miss a chance to improve your social skills because your professional and personal connections can move your resume to the top of the stack or to move you ahead in your career.

Nowadays blogging can help you to become more socially active. Don’t hesitate to create your WordPress blog, especially if you’re hunting a job.

After reading this article you will know how to run your blog so that it focuses on attracting the prospective employers. It also will help you to keep in touch with people who are the same career path.

Follow these 4 steps to achieve the best result.

1. Determine Your Future Career

The purpose of your blog is to attract potential employers. At first, decide what job fits your skills and interests. Perhaps you need to improve а particular skill or learn to do something new. When you already know what you want to do in your future career, you can define your target audience. Then research the prospective employers and determine what the strengths and talents you should show them. The content on your blog should show you in the best possible light. Visiting your blog, your potential employer will be sure that you are a good specialist and the right candidate for the position.

2. Create and Add Personal Portfolio

An online portfolio can be a bright and extraordinary calling card to the future employers. It is the right platform to showcase your work.

It is very easy to add a portfolio, using one of the WordPress plugins. With Portfolio plugin you will be able to add an unlimited number of portfolio projects with the title, description, images, technologies, and so on. It is the best way to create new and add past projects to your WordPress website. This plugin also allows you to add the widget with portfolio categories, the slider with featured portfolios and much more.

Don’t forget to update your personal portfolios regularly, so that they show all your current abilities and experience.

3. Use Your Blog to Demonstrate Your Experience

After creating a portfolio it’s time to focus on your blog. Every post you publish should demonstrate your authoritativeness in the chosen field.

Here are a few recommendations to run your blog efficiently:

  • Try to refer back to your portfolio whenever it’s possible. For example, while describing further details about projects, which are presented in your portfolio.
  • Post your thought about the innovations of your industry.
  • Write about your successful experience.
  • Add beautiful pictures to make your blog impressive. For example, Gallery plugin can help you add galleries to your blog, create albums, change its appearance and much more.

In general, every your post should bring you closer to your dream profession.

4. Add Testimonials and Feedbacks From Your Clients

Testimonials are one of the most powerful tools for showcasing your skills and experience. Publishing client testimonials on your website is the perfect way to build trust with your future employer.

After collecting feedbacks, you can add them to your website, but also there are special plugins available that can do a more professional job. You can use the simple plugin Testimonials, which will help you to add customer testimonials to your WordPress website posts, pages, and widgets.


So, if you follow these steps, then you will have an excellent WordPress blog with a portfolio, gallery, and testimonials. With the employment-focused blog, you can improve your career networking by presenting your best professional skills and experience, and also by getting acquainted with the right people in your industry.

Let your WordPress blog lead you to your dream job!

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