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PDF & Print With Advanced Custom Fields Quick Guide

The PDF & Print plugin from BestWebSoft continues to be a unique solution on the market for generating documents from web pages. In this quick guide, we’ll show you how to take advantage of compatibility with the popular Advanced Custom Fields plugin.

Steps to Take

In order to display fields created with the ACF plugin in PDF and Print documents created with the PDF & Print Pro plugin by BestWebSoft, first activate both plugins. Next, create the fields or fields group using the ACF plugin.

Advanced Custom Fields settings

If you want to use these fields as part of the main content on your page or post, you must add these fields to the content with shortcodes.

ACF shortcodes

On the page, the fields might look like this:

ACF on the page

When using shortcodes of ACF fields to create the main content of a site page, you do not need to make any additional settings to display fields in Pdf & Print documents. The fields will be shown by default. This is how the fields should look on the generated PDF output.

ACF on pdf view

And, an example of displaying fields in a Print document.

ACF on the print view

If you want to use ACF fields for displaying only in PDF and Print documents, you should activate the Advanced Custom Fields display in the PDF & Print Pro plugin settings. To do this, go to the “Settings” page > “Output” tab and enable the display of Advanced Custom Fields.

PDF and print acf settings

And also activate the display fields for the page using the “PDF & Print Advanced Custom Fields” option.

ACF pdf settings on edit view

In this case, even if your fields are not displayed as part of the main content on the page, they will be added to the display of PDF and Print documents.

Below is an example of the main content on a website page:

Main content without ACF displayed

Example of displaying a PDF document:

Main content without ACF displayed ind PDF view

Also, using the settings of the PDF & Print Pro plugin, you can add the names of the Advanced Custom Fields fields to the display of PDF and Print documents.

PDF acf settings page

In PDF documents and Print documents it will look as follows.

ACF fields with names in pdf View

ACF with field names in print view

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