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Nowadays, anyone can surf the internet and get information about you, your company or services that you are offering. So you are only a few clicks away from being known by almost everybody in the World Wide Web.
Just started building your own brand? WordPress with its expansive opportunities can help you present the best aspects of your product, as well as build following in order to earn trust and excellent reputation online. This guidance will give you some tips on how to build and promote your personal brand with the help of WordPress.

Think You Don’t Need Building Personal Brand?

Let us consider the reasons we do need personal branding as part of self-promotion.
Personal branding is a permanent process of establishing a prescribed image or impression in the minds of others about a person or organization. In other words, it is also about people promoting themselves and their services as brands.
Even if you don’t like the idea of advertising yourself and your activity as a product of marketing, you still will be judged by the content you post online.
For example, if you are a blogger that has a site with a brand name which people can recognize, the next time you publish something, people will associate you instantly with your branding.
Building a personal brand can be of value for everyone. It allows you to market yourself on the internet. Personal branding helps you earn trust, build a following, become a thought leader, find new friends and a like-minded people, and discover a lot of new opportunities.
Let’s take a look how you can build an online brand for yourself that helps you be a success.

1. Create Personal Website

Building your personal website is a cornerstone while a person starts marketing himself or herself. Having social media profiles is wonderful, but you need your own platform where you can present anything you want. Lucky you because it is absolutely easy with WordPress. The first thing you need to do is to get a WordPress hosting service and a domain name. Most hosting service providers offer one-click WordPress installs that will allow you to be far ahead of your competitors and running a WordPress website of your own.

2. Select Content for Your Website

Afterwards, you will have to add a good quality content to your website. Don’t underestimate its importance. Creating a killer content can be one of online marketing strategies. That content should be relevant to your sphere and be of interest to your readers and show your competence and skills at their best. Also, it should better attract new customers. In this regard, defining your target audience and getting to know the people that are visiting our site will help to attract potential clients.

Adding About Me Page

One of the most important things is also to create an about page where users can get more detailed information about you. You can follow the practice of many site owners and use your about page as the front page of your site. This page will inform the visitors of your website about the main information about your company, activity, and awards, as well as get links to some examples of your works. Provide users with your social media contacts and email address in case they need to get in touch with you.

Adding Contact Page

Not everybody feels convenient about contacting you through social media, like Facebook or LinkedIn. That is why the majority of websites on the internet have contact pages. And you know what? You also need one! It should contain data on how to send a quick message to you. Nevertheless, there is no built-in contact form in WordPress, every website should have one. We recommend installing Contact Form in order to receive messages from your customers right to your email. Customize the form styles and contents easily with the pre-build options and let your customers reach you in seconds!

3. Find a WordPress Theme

Making a good first impression with the way your website look is crucial. You can always find a plenty of free themes, including excellent WordPress themes. Find a colourful and pretty one that is suitable to your sphere and able to support and provide all the needed functionality to your website.

4. Make an Email List

In order to build a successful website, you need to start building an email list. In order to encourage people to hand over their email addresses, in exchange you have to offer them something appealing that they can be interested in. For instance, an access to a Webinar session, free eBook, or providing discounts exclusively for the subscribers. Take your chance to use Subscriber plugin that helps to collect data and subscribe your users.

5. Add a Blog

Usually, WordPress comes with a blog. You are free to decide if your website will have a blog or not, whether it will have many pages or just a few. However, you’d better keep in mind that having it gives you numerous benefits. Blogs encourage the users to return to your website. This makes your brand more unique and identifiable to the users. That is more, blogs are meant to be updated quite often. This is definitely very favorable for SEO rankings of your site. Besides, you can refresh content when there is a need. Each article in your blog will attract visitors from search engines and helps in getting more traffic. These people probably will sign up for your email list and you will send newsletters to them in the future.

6. Create a Portfolio

Adding your most creative and successfully working projects to a portfolio is an absolutely brilliant idea for developing your business! This helps the customers quickly get an insight into your work, manner, and style and evaluate your skills and get the idea about what they need. So try to do your best in presenting yourself in showing oneself in the best light and make sure you have edge over your competitors! You can use Portfolio plugin for creating a personal portfolio of your company for WordPress website in order to demonstrate your best projects to get more clients. It is absolutely simple and convenient!

7. Add Testimonials

Use testimonials for getting recognition and earning confidence. Such kind of social proof is aimed at showing the people’s opinion about your services. Adding testimonials to your website is a desirable and very easy way of winning new customers. You just need to install Testimonials plugin and place feedbacks from your grateful customers to WordPress website posts, pages or widgets.

8. Create a Gallery

We recognize brands just from their logo or colours. In order to build your personal brand, use the power of visual imagery. Photographers and designers probably have enough worthy content to add to their website. If you have to add galleries to your site quite often, then most likely you won’t be satisfied with basic gallery functions of WordPress and here you have our Gallery plugin that allows adding beautiful galleries, albums, and images to WordPress website in a few clicks. Meanwhile, there is also Slider that can help easily create beautifully animated slides. Sliders are highly engaging, besides, they are very popular now.

9. Think About Some Extra Tools for Your Website

Your WordPress site can be used for making appointments, in case you offer professional assistance and advice. You can also use one of WordPress appointment and booking plugins for a more integrated experience. As a rule, such plugins can display calendars, availability, and you can even accept payments right from your own site.

10. Go Social

There are lots of plugins that allow the site owners add social buttons and widgets to their websites. It helps to boost the audience and number of followers, as well as expand the horizons. Unfortunately, some of them can slow down your site work. So you need to find a balance here. Making use of some of Social networking plugins is the best solution for you. Another social plugin that can allow your visitors to login and comment with their existing accounts on Google is Social Login. That plugin will facilitate and encourage the visitor’s activity and definitely improve your figures.


Follow these simple steps to building your personal brand using WordPress platform and enjoy having an advantage over your opponents. Make people know about you while developing your skills and getting the right clients into your way!

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