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Website Development Trends in 2022

At present, the eyes of all developers are on the future web development trends that will become popular in 2022. Their use will help to make not only the most functional site, but will also contribute to its promotion in the search engine. 

Failure to stay up with current trends can have major ramifications for the performance and user experience of your website. You risk falling behind your competitors and losing visitors to websites that provide superior experiences.

The best method to stay competitive in your business sector is to develop and update your website in accordance with current trends. Let’s take a closer look at what to expect in terms of website development in 2022.

New and Developing Features

New and Developing Features

Artificial intelligence

AI is gradually conquering the world, conquering certain areas of human life. The introduction of artificial intelligence is already taking place in security systems, information retrieval programs, household appliances and other technologies. Now it is already difficult to surprise someone with a “smart home” system or voice search for information on the network, and it was artificial intelligence that was put at the heart of these technologies. 

To date, this is the most promising direction in the development of not only mobile applications, but also computer programs for home and industrial equipment. Mass robotization will lead to the fact that very soon the phone will become our best friend, with whom you can talk, run programs with your voice, manage and configure functionality, almost without touching the display. 

However, at the current state of affairs, the most reasonable vector of development is assistant AI technology.  The main advantages of the alleged assistant, which programmers are aiming to create as early as 2022, are as follows.

  • Wide personalization. The more personalized the assistant, the more the user gets the impression that he works solely in his interests. Such assistants will determine the person talking to them, his personality, personal data, social status and other indicators in order to fulfill requests as accurately as possible. 
  • Analyzer of the emotional state. The voice assistant at its peak is intelligent artificial intelligence that can read the mood and emotional state of the user based on their speech, which will allow them to better recognize intentions and perform tasks more accurately. 

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

PWAs are progressive web applications that allow you to view content using a mobile browser and adapt to the size of your phone. At the same time, the page loading speed remains as high as on a desktop computer. This makes it possible to get more convenience from using the service. 

A number of large companies use this particular technique, which gives them the opportunity to attract more users and expand their customer base. These include applications like Uber, Pinterest, Aviasales, Instagram and many others. 

The use of PWA applications allows you to get a number of undeniable advantages: comfortable and fast viewing of content through a mobile device, ability to receive data about the user experience, regardless of the device, it also reduces the duration of the development process. 

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Serverless Architecture

The use of such technologies ensures that there is no overload, no data loss or project failure. Therefore, all calculations are carried out on cloud resources, which make it possible to completely replace standard servers. 

This  allows web developers to get a number of advantages: 

  • It reduces the budget for the creation of projects and its further technical support; 
  • It creates a stronger structure for the application, make the service more flexible and adaptable. 

Most often, this technology is used to solve problems related to sending and receiving notifications, it makes it possible to download backup copies of important files, and export various objects. 


Web developers are looking for various methods and ways not only to improve the user experience of the page, but also to simplify the workflow. The TypeScript programming language was designed to fix some bugs in JavaScript. The use and popularization of this language happened quite recently, so this trend will easily replenish the web development trends in 2022. Developers use TypeScript to create the front-end. 

Despite a large number of disputes about how efficient this language is, it is increasingly being used to create a front-end. After analyzing all this data, my colleagues and I came to the conclusion that the development of web development in 2022 will be directed towards minimalism and maximum simplification of not only the work of programmers, but also the user interface. 


This type of trend will never be out of fashion. As time passes, the dangers of the web are becoming more and more elaborate. In a times like these, simple yet effective solutions are a necessity. If you are using WordPress, reCaptcha by BestWebSoft can become one of the keys to achieving it.

Design Trends

Design Trends

Dark Mode Standardization

Dark and low-light websites have become increasingly popular in recent years. Dark mode user interfaces (UIs) will continue to be offered on websites and apps in 2022, according to research that shows at least 8 out of 10 people prefer to utilize dark mode whenever possible.

Depending on the reader’s desire or system settings, these apps make it simple to switch between the two modes.

This will become the standard in 2022 and beyond as more site developers include a comparable built-in feature to switch between bright and dark modes. It’s possible that it’ll become the de facto standard for applications.


A new visual style that will gain popularity in 2022. Features of glassmorphism are:

  • Transparency (the background is blurred and looks like frosted glass).
  • Foreground objects float on the screen.
  • The bright and saturated colors of the background stand out and show through the transparent background.

This visual style can be used to design individual elements of an application, create a unique background, or create an entire website layout on it. Glassmorphism also looks good in logos, illustrations, or even full sections.

Main keys to this style are diffusion, reflection, and shadow, which create an optical illusion. The effect of glass combined with slight movement can give a site a three-dimensional feel. Diffusion of “ground glass” in an image allows you to add transparency to your design without creating visual clutter.

Oversized Typography

Odd-sized typography is a fresh, bold design trend for 2022. At a certain size, words become more of a graphic element than just part of the text. This is a versatile technique that can also be used effectively in a minimalist or maximalist design and can suit many different styles. 


All these trends will help you not only keep abreast of new products and developments, but also optimize the appearance of the page as much as possible. The main thing is to start implementing them now, so that 2022 can be survived fully armed, and your site is at the top in terms of user experience and promotion. It will also be important to learn how to promote a WordPress plugin if you are a developer or marketing specialist.

However, it is worth noting that strict adherence to newfangled trends is not always possible. Trends appear and disappear faster than they can be implemented. This process is directly related to evolutionary development. In the world of IT technologies, only the most developed and functional mechanism survives and continues its successful existence.

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