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WordPress plugins for improving business website

WordPress is an extremely powerful CMS that is used on more than 60 million websites around the world. However, without properly selected plugins you can not get the maximum result from it. Running a business website, you need to think about security, SEO, eCommerce, analytics, marketing and other important things. 

Discovering the tools, presented below, your WordPress website will be ready to work to the best of its ability.

Increase Your Ecommerce Conversions

If you run a business website, you’re probably wondering how to boost your sales. There are a lot of tools focused on this task, and we’d like to examine some of them.


Using WooCommerce plugin, you can sell different goods in all shapes and sizes, offer product variations, multiple configurations, and instant downloads to shoppers, and even sell affiliate goods from online marketplaces. Its features include multiple payment gateways, free Storefront theme, an easy to use dashboard, and plenty of options to manage your online store.

Job Board

If you would like to set up a platform for searching and hiring new employees, then the best solution is Job Board plugin. You can not only add and manage unlimited job posts and categories, but also receive resumes and CVs.


Realty plugin will definitely help those people whose business is connected to real estate and property management. If you’re a real estate agent just have a look at this powerful tool. It allows you to easily add and manage unlimited properties, agents and property info for each listing.

Car Rental

If you are running car rental business, and would like to find powerful and easy tool to manage cars and extras, then discover awesome features of Car Rental plugin. It allows you to add and display all the necessary information and photos of cars and extras. It also has convenient reservation system, and your customers will be able to see vehicles availability and make online reservations with a few clicks.

Get to the Top of Google Search

In today’s competitive market, SEO is more important than ever. Search engines help millions of users get answers to their questions or find solutions to their problems. Usually, users click on first 5 suggestions on the search results pages. So you need to be on top position to gain visitors to your business WordPress website or customers to your online store. Let’s see what plugins can help you meet the best result.

Yoast SEO

It is one of the most popular and powerful WordPress SEO plugins. It can drive more traffic to your business website, gain more customers, make sales or fulfill your other business purposes. After installing it, you will have a complete control of page titles and meta descriptions on a per post basis as well as for each taxonomy. By setting canonical URLs, you won’t confuse Google with duplicate content. It also allows you to preview Google search result snippet and test focus keywords.

As you can see, Yoast SEO includes a lot of useful features but it is a little bit complicated. If you are looking for a functional WordPress plugin with only the most necessary sitemap settings, then we advise you to pay attention to the next plugin from this list.

Google Sitemap

WordPress website which has a sitemap can be better visible and easier navigated by search engines. It is absolutely necessary to create it when you run a business website.

Fortunately, you can download Google Sitemap plugin to make it easier for you. This plugin automatically generates XML sitemap for your website and help search engines index it. Moreover, it allows you to set the frequency of your website content changes for all pages and add custom URLs to the sitemap file.

Google Shortlink

Common links are usually lengthy, and it is not easy to share them on emails, web pages, and especially on social media networks. Using URL shorteners, you can simply fit more links and content in less space. Using Google Shortlink plugin, you don’t need to leave your WordPress website to get short links from Google URL Shortener service. You can generate short links by direct input or automatically. Also, you will be able to replace all external links on your website with short links, restore or delete them from the database, and manage statistic.

Enhance Security

If you are running a business website and the customers trust you to keep their personal information, then your website apparently attracts hackers. In order to protect the reputation and security of your website, pay attention to the following tools.

Ensure the security of your website

Protect your business website


This WordPress plugin can be used to protect your business website forms from spam entries by means of math logic. You can use it for login, registration, password recovery, comments, and popular contact forms.

Users are required to complete simple math equation before the form can be submitted. You can configure captcha complexity using three basic maths actions such as addition, subtraction, and multiplication.

This technology is used mostly to block spammers and bots that try to automatically harvest email addresses or try to automatically sign up for websites, blogs or forums. Captcha blocks automated systems, which can not complete math equation.

Google Captcha (reCAPTCHA)

reCAPTCHA plugin is another effective anti-spam protector. Your visitors will be required to confirm that they are not robots before the form can be submitted. It’s easy for people and hard for bots.

Google Captcha (reCAPTCHA) plugin is compatible with various popular forms: Contact Form 7, Jetpack Contact Form, Fast Secure Contact Form, WooCommerce, bbPress, BuddyPress, and Forums – wpForo.

There is also invisible reCAPTCHA available, that can tell people and bots apart without any tiresome tests.

Limit Attempts

Hackers may occasionally try to break into your business site by guessing your admin password. By default, WordPress allows users to try different passwords as many times as they want. To avoid this, you can limit the number of failed login attempts per user.

Limit Attempts is a security-focused plugin which protects your WordPress website from spam and brute-force attacks. Its task is to limit the number of failed login attempts per user and block user IP for a certain period of time. This will stop automated scripts generating a large number of different combinations and hacking your website.

While working together with Captcha Pro plugin, it can consider incorrect captcha as a failed login attempt.

UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin

No website is 100% safe because hackers always find new ways to pass by protection. That’s why it’s crucial to keep complete backups of your website at all times.

A reliable backup system can protect your website from losing an important data. UpdraftPlus WordPress backup plugin automatically makes full-site backups daily or in real-time. It also stores backups in the cloud. Even if your website is down, it allows you to restore the data from any backup in one click.

Sucuri Security – Auditing, Malware Scanner and Security Hardening

This WordPress plugin gives you the total control of the security of your business website. It offers a set of security features, such as security activity auditing, file integrity monitoring, remote malware scanning, blacklist monitoring, post-hack security actions, and much more. Sucuri guarantees the safety, and if anything happens to your website, then their team is responsible to fix it for free.

Marketing for Successful Business

The heart of your business success lies in its marketing. Even if your business offers the best products or services in your industry, without marketing, none of your potential customers would know about it.

That’s why business websites should have a few good plugins to advertise and sell their products or services easily.

Getting people to visit your website is a great first step. But if you want your business to succeed, you need return visitors.

Contact Form

Contact form plugin can give your customers the opportunity to contact you in seconds. You will receive their messages right to your email address. The form can be displayed on any page, post or widget. Let your visitors keep in touch with you whenever they want and they will become your loyal customers.


This useful plugin helps your visitors keep in contact with your site, and also, become the subscribers and customers. It offers the users to fill in the form so that you can collect their data and subscribe them to a company newsletter. Search engine rankings can both grow and fall, but email lists are a constant source of traffic.


When you already know your visitors’ email addresses, Sender plugin will send a bulk newsletter mailout to them. It is possible to set the time interval and a number of messages sent at once, customize “FROM” field, send emails with confirmation and much more. It is the most convenient way to share news or announce new promotions.

Become Well-known

For running a successful business website, the product or service it provides must be known to potential buyers. After sending newsletters and spreading ads, customers make their first purchases. Once new customers are delighted with amazing new product they discovered, they start to spread the word, telling their friends and family about your company. So, let them advertise your WordPress website with the help of special plugins.

Let your loyal customers advertise your company

Be closer to your customers via social networking sites

Social Buttons Pack

Having a good social media presence can help your business grow quickly. Social Buttons Pack allows you to include links to relevant Social Media websites. It is a great plugin that easily lets your visitors share your content across their social media accounts.

This simple WordPress plugin can help you to add Twitter, Facebook, Google+1, Pinterest, LinkedIn buttons, badges and widgets to your website. Customize settings and change appearance according to your website design.


To attract more customers, show what other people say about your products or services with the help of Testimonials. You can add the customers’ feedbacks to your website posts, pages, and widgets. It will help you gain trust and build lasting relationships with your clients.

Manage Every Detail

As a businessperson, you are managing a multi-user website. By default, WordPress comes with a built-in user management system, but you can extend it to meet your needs. These plugins will help you.

User Role

Working with WordPress you’re probably familiar with the different roles and capabilities you can assign members of your team. The roles include administrator, editor, author, contributor, and subscriber, each with their own capabilities and restrictions.

After installing this plugin you will be able to manage your business website role capabilities. It means that you can add new and manage existing user roles, control what users can and cannot do on your WordPress website. It has many features, such as changing role name, copying permissions from another role and much more.

WordPress Page Builder – Beaver Builder

Clients will surely notice the design of your website if you use this incredible plugin. With this flexible drag and drop page builder you can easily create beautiful and professional WordPress pages.


Portfolio plugin is the helpful tool for demonstrating your experience. Here you can create, configure and manage all your projects. It is capable to add the descriptions, images, executor profiles and the other information about your projects.


Gallery plugin is a great way to create beautiful responsive galleries in WordPress. You can add an unlimited number of images to your gallery, create albums and categories, change appearance and much more. Use this plugin to add color and life to your website and boost user retention.

WP-Members: Membership Framework

If your business website offers premium content to subscribers, then this plugin is perfect for you. Its features include the ability to block access to posts and pages, create custom registration and user profile fields, notify admin of new user registrations, and hundreds of extensibility options.


If you do business not only in your country but somewhere abroad, you surely need this plugin. It allows you to add translated content to pages, posts, widgets, menus, and custom post types. Your visitors will be able to switch languages and browse content in the chosen language.


This plugin is the best way of tracking the work schedule. It is a customizable and useful tool which brings accuracy and efficiency to your accountability tracking. It allows you to keep the working hours of the stuff of your company, streamline attendance and generate reports.

Google Analytics

Digital Analytics is a set of measurements that help you understand your website performance. As a business owner,  you want to see what visitors are doing on your website, how they interact with it, how they arrived on your website, and how you can keep them coming back and help them fulfill their tasks.

Using this information, you will be able to increase your sales and give your customers what they want to have.

Google Analytics plugin is the best tool for viewing Google Analytics on your WordPress website dashboard. It allows you to select the metrics you need, set the time range for your statistic displaying and keep tracking the statistics.

Business Directory

Business Directory Plugin offers a full set of features required to run a web directory. It allows you to offer paid listings, so you can make money from adding sites to your directory. You can sort entries by categories and tags, create featured entries, and customize entry forms. It is easy to increase interaction on your website, improve customer retention and add a revenue-generating section to your site with this WordPress plugin. It allows you to build a local directory, directory of business providers, an address book directory and much more.

The front-end display of the directory allows your users to sort and search entries, or browse the directory. It works with any WordPress theme and the directory layout is fully mobile friendly.

Useful Tools for Saving Time

Business owners alike other people have the same problem. Time is money, and there aren’t enough hours to commit all the tasks. They’re constantly up against the wall with deadlines, meetings, and unforeseen problems.

Since the time is so valuable, we would like to highlight some WordPress plugins that can be used to save time every day.

Automatize the work of your website

Don’t waste your time on daily routine


Constant updates always take us much time. But you won’t bother about it with Updater plugin. It can automatically update all installed plugins, themes, and your website core to the latest versions. It allows you to set the update frequency, choose auto or manual mode, create a backup, set email notifications and much more.

Quick and Easy FAQs

When you launch a new product or service, you may need to add a FAQs section. You can add a new page with all the frequently asked questions, but in most cases FAQs grows as your product or service becomes more popular among customers. This is when you will need a special plugin to manage FAQs on your WordPress website.

Quick and Easy FAQs plugin provides you an opportunity to add FAQs using custom post type and later on displaying those FAQs using shortcodes. With this plugin, you won’t need to answer the same questions anymore.

Smush Image Compression and Optimization

Thanks to this plugin, you can resize, compress and optimize all of your images with a single click. Large image files will not slow down your website anymore.


There are a large amount of helpful plugins which can improve your business website.You don’t even need to learn code and spend a lot of money. Just choose and install only those WordPress plugins that will be really useful for you and your customers.

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