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Author: Yevhenii

How to Clear a Website from Viruses and Escape Search Engine Blacklist

Any system can be hacked if you really want to and are willing to put in an effort. Even if it is a unique engine developed from scratch for a specific project. There will always be someone smarter than your security specialist. The task of the webmaster is to set up basic protection, constantly monitor the situation and promptly resolve problems. This is the only way to keep the traffic and loyalty of the target audience. The problem of hacking information sites is very serious. Many webmasters underestimate it and end up losing traffic and money.

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How to Protect Your BuddyPress Forms from Spam and Bots

So, you’d like to make sure your website is secure? The most vulnerable points of any site, it turns out, are the ones with which visitors can interact with. Contact forms, registration forms, comment sections are ideal targets for any aspiring hacker. They can be subjected to any form of violation if they are not well safeguarded. Starting with bruteforce attacks and on to DDoS attacks and SQL injections.

What are the actions you need to take to ensure that your website forms are secure? Fortunately, we’ve put together a quick yet comprehensive guide that explains all you can do for BuddyPress. Of course, it does not guarantee 100% safety, but at least makes sure the cheapest and most common tricks won’t break your website.

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Cross-Platform Development and Mobile Apps

When developing a mobile app, there are several factors to consider: functionality, adaptability, cost, and optimization. Cross-platform allows developers to write code for several operating systems at once. For business it is an opportunity to save money, launch faster and reach a larger segment of users

Cross-platform applications are running on multiple operating systems at once. The task of programmers is to write code that deploys well on all operating systems.

That universal approach to development fulfills two important conditions: saving time and money. Developers make the application much faster. Or rather, the app itself is developed as much as an iPhone or Android app. But if a business orders an app for different systems, it takes twice as much time to develop. As well as money.

But there are disadvantages: cross-platform applications are not as flexible as native ones, because it is difficult to implement all the features to make them work well on different devices. App stores have their own requirements, and they need to be taken into account during development. This creates additional discomfort and difficulties.

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Principles of Landing Page

A landing page is a separate web page designed solely for a marketing or advertising campaign in digital marketing. It’s the location where a visitor “lands” after clicking on a link in an email or ads from Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or other websites.

Unlike web pages, which usually have multiple purposes and promote research, landing pages have a single emphasis or goal, referred to as a call to action.

Landing pages are the ideal tool for raising the conversion rates of your marketing campaigns and minimizing the cost of gaining a lead or sale because of this concentration. And therefore, a must for making business in the Web.

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Ban GitHub for Russian Developers!

The world is an ever-evolving place. Technologies develop fast and make life for people easier… but at the same time more demanding. Unfortunately, not every step taken is used for good. War is a gruesome but flashy testing ground for all kinds of new technologies.  Right now russians are boasting their “technological achievements” in Kharkiv, Kyiv, Mariupol and dozens of other cities in Ukraine. By slaughtering thousands of innocent people by means and weapons unimaginable just a several decades ago.  

And most people don’t have the power to stop it. 

However, what they can do is prevent the aggressor from developing new ways to cause atrocities and kill even more civilians. Viktor Kozlovets has started the petition on change.org to restrict access to GitHub for russians. 

GitHub is the biggest international repository for open-sourced software. In a peaceful time, it is a great idea to share knowledge and developments for people all around the world. But unfortunately, open-sourced code can also be used by russian government in all kinds of warfare. Informational, media and even weapon-building. 

Sign up the petition to cripple the russian war machine. The sooner the war ends the less damage it will cause for the whole world. 

Support Ukraine!

In the past week, Europe has seen more bloodshed than for the past 70 years. All that happened to Ukraine. And the only reason for that is imperial ambition of just one state. Russian Federation. The  21th century must have been the age of peace and prosperity. Meaningless wars and an archaic mindset of conquering should have died along with the last empires. Of course, economic battles between countries are ever-present. But no person ever lost their loved ones because of that. Cooperation and partnership always proved to be more fruitful than enmity and robbery. And now people all around the world are uniting before the face of a tragedy. 


  • Part of the money from all purchases will go to the Ukraine army and its citizens. The action will continue until the peace treaty is signed. 
  • All licenses for Russia and Belarus will be permanently banned and accounts will be deleted. The civilized world must not tolerate and support acts of genocide in any form. All contact with the aggressors must be severed.

View the list of products and support Ukraine!

Requisites to help the Ukrainian army directly:

If you can’t help financially, you can sign the petition to NATO to close the airspace above Ukraine. It will severely reduce the casualties among the peaceful citizens.  https://www.openpetition.eu/petition/online/people-around-the-world-ask-nato-to-close-the-airspace-over-ukraine


Watch and listen songs and videos about the war in Ukraine.



Please support our territorial defense forces!

Currency receivable accounts have been opened for the transfer of funds for the needs of the Zaporizhia separate territorial defense brigade.

You can help our defenders in the fight against the aggressor with the following requisites:

EUR: СO ”Ukrainian Social Programs Charitable Foundation” UA673348510000000026000174769 Beneficiary bank: First Ukrainian International Bank SWIFT BIC: FUIBUA2X Correspondent Banks: Comerzbank AG SWIFT BIC: COBADEFF Raiffeisen Bank International AG SWIFT BIC: RZBAATWW Landersbank Baden-Wurtteemberg SWIFT BIC: SOLADEST

USD: СO ”Ukrainian Social Programs Charitable Foundation” UA673348510000000026000174769 Beneficiary bank: First Ukrainian International Bank SWIFT BIC: FUIBUA2X Correspondent Banks: JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A SWIFT BIC: CHASUS33 The Bank of New York Mellon SWIFT BIC: IRvTUS3N

Let’s bring our victory closer together!

Glory to Ukraine!

Русский военный корабль, иди нахуй! 

SEO: Semantic Core Synthesys

Self-promotion is a common situation when you start a website for business. The development of a web resource in terms of SEO begins with the collection of semantics. Creating a semantic core is an indispensable process of successful promotion and optimization of each site.

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Having a contact form plugin installed on your website is an admirable decision. Feedback management is vital for any profit or non-profit company, as well as blogs and even web tool developers. Basically almost any kind of website. 

However, most of the time that’s not enough. Depending on the plugin used, the feedback gathered from your visitors and clients is managed differently. For example, the Form Element plugin is sending an email whenever you receive a submitted form. 

By default Contact Form 7 doesn’t save the submitted messages. To manage messages through Contact Form 7, you need to install Flamingo (another plugin created by the same developer). 

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