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Author: Georgii

Contact Form 7 bots protection

Did you know that losing your site to a hacker not only leads to the crisis of getting it back and patching the holes? In fact, the more serious issues are ruined reputation and incoming lawsuits. Which may lead to the end of your career and financial bankruptcy. Leaking your users’ personal information is a serious crime after all. Unless you have a decent attorney, that is. Still, their services aren’t cheap anyway. 

Now when you are frightened enough (if not,  pretend to be for a second, pretty please), what can you do about all of it? Well, it’s such a lucky coincidence that we have preventive answers to, at least a part of potential problems. 

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How to Protect Gravity Forms from Spam and Bots

Contact form spam is a nuisance that all website owners face. No matter how big or small your site is, the spambots will keep targeting you, flooding your inbox with useless messages.

This is a waste of time, as you have to go through hundreds and thousands of messages to flag or remove the obvious spam and then determine if the others are real people or bots disguised as them.

Gravity Forms is one of the most popular WordPress form plugins on the market, and of course, it also needs an additional layer of protection against spam and bots.

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BestWebSoft just turned 11! It is over a decade of constant hard work. The goal is to help people all over the world in making websites of their own and becoming a part of the great web. Since our foundation 11 years ago we have completed over 2,300 projects and made the world a little better for more than 400,000 customers! We hope to continue our work for decades ahead in making the web a better place. 

And we thank you for your continued support.  

To celebrate 11 years of being a part of the WordPress community we are running a limited-time sale. Get a 30% discount on Annual Membership! The campaign starts on August 25th and lasts till September 5th. So, if you’ve been waiting for the right time to buy our products, this is it. Don`t lose your chance!

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Get a 30% discount on Annual Membership by applying a BD2021 coupon code during checkout. Make haste! The offer is effective till September 5.

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learning the multilanguage plugin

Website translation for search engines has become a necessity today. Since most of the traffic comes from search engines, the answer to why a multilingual website is so important to your site is so obvious. Don’t you think that a multilingual website can do miracles?

It is always good to communicate with users in their own language. This possibly can bring you more traffic. To do this, you need a multilingual website. This will help you perform better in search engines targeting a specific country and market. A successful multilingual website can bring you many great results. Therefore, it will be beneficial to get an affordable website translator for your organization.

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World Bicycle Day 2021

When we imagine a person riding a bicycle, the first thing that comes to mind is “simplicity” Bicycles have been around for over two centuries. It is one of the safest, greenest, and most sustainable vehicles available.

World Bicycle Day is not just a day with a special label. It is a global celebration because it has a profound meaning in terms of promoting healthy lifestyles, protecting the environment, and more. The UN has recognized bicycles as a symbol of human progress and a culture of peace. That is why we decided to celebrate this momentous day with you.

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How to Run a Successful WordPress Blog

As a content management system, WordPress simplifies the process of managing and updating your site’s content. It’s definitely better than creating a static site or using a cheap website builder and is designed to help you keep your site up to date and engage your audience. But there are systems you can implement and plug-ins you can use that will greatly simplify the process of creating, publishing, and sharing content, as well as helping you reach your community of readers on your WordPress blog.

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