BWS Panel is a list of plugins and themes developed by BestWebSoft located in the WordPress admin Dashboard.
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Author: Anton

BestWebSoft WordPress Admin Dashboard

Since 2012 BWS panel was used for quick access, browse and installation of the BestWebSoft plugins. It was located under the Settings tab. Then in the latest update, it was mistakenly moved to the top of the menu. After that, we’ve got a lot of requests from our users who don’t need the panel there. This change caused a resonance in the community.

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WordPress is a vigorous semantical publishing platform, and it includes a numerous bunch of features developed to make your publishing process in the Internet as simple, amiable, and attractive as possible. Proudly offer you an easily expanded, standards acceptable, rapid, light and unpaid content management system, with reasonable default features and settings, and an intensely adjustable core.

Wordpress overview

The next is a catalogue of the features that are basic for the WordPress, however there are quite literally dozens of thousands plugins, which enlarge number of WordPress features, so the real  operativeness is almost unlimited. Also, you can do anything you want with the WordPress code, either modify or expand it, or even utilize it for business purposes without license charge. That is the advantage of unpaid software that is also provide the total control over it.

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